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Providing financial assistance will be welcome , but will also be a recognition of the work accomplished and an encouragement to continue the development of AllMyStats .

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If you do not know install AllMySats
We install AllMyStats free of charge, if you purchase a hosting account Wertronic.
You will therefore AllMyStats + AWStats
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To work AllMyStats requires PHP5 or higher (AllMyStats 1.80 is compatible PHP5.4) and a MySQL5 database. (v1.80 has not been tested with php4)


See : install_english.txt
1 -
Create a MySQL database on your hosting space (or use an existed database).
2 - upload directory allmystats on your site.
3 - Enter the address where you installed allmystats eg: http://www.your_site.tld/allmystats in your browser.
4 - Follow the instructions of the Setup program .

If the directory path sessions, is specific: See Config application_top.php

If you use Google AdWords


UPDATE v1.70 - v1.75 to v1.80
1 - Security, make a backup of the files config_allmystats.php, application_top.php
and the directory/cache if it is present.

2. Delete the contents of the old AllMyStats directory located on the server,
--> EXCEPT the config_allmystats.php file and the directory /cache if it is present.

3 - Upload on the server, in your directory AllMyStats all files and all directories in the new version.
--> EXCEPT the /install directory

4 - In config_allmystats.php
Remove this 2 lines: (optional, but these lines are no longer useful)
$IpExlues = array(""); //Exclude ip ex: array ("", "220.181"); 220.181 — Beach A
$Flag_Exclus_by_IP = ""; //Flag ip exclus ex: "AllMyStats: IP non comptabilisée";

For previous version to v1.74, under $display_alexa_pagerank = true ; Add these 2 lines :
$error_login = "5"; //Maximum number of login attempts errors
$nb_max_HistoRecord_log = "30"; //History Login: maximum number of records log files

Add under $nb_max_HistoRecord_log
$number_top_display = 40;   //Number of rows displayed in the table Top visitors

5 - In the amin, update tables
Admin menu --> Bad tab User Agent
Admin menu --> Crawlers

Versions prior to v1.70:
At the beginning of next month (Otherwise you will lose the current month's data),
after your archiving, do a complete installation of the new version.
WITHOUT removing the/cache directory.

New v1.80

- Compatible PHP5.4

- Added the config_add.php configuration file
Detection of crawlers by their reverse DNS
Detection of visitors???? unknown, bad, spam, other, by their reverse DNS
Detection of visitors???? unknown, bad, spam, other, by their referer
Detection of visitors???? unknown, bad, spam, other, by their IP

Visitors detected by the config_add.php configuration will be displayed in the visitors????
under page views only if one or more is detected.

- The cross-site scripting injection are recorded in visitors????

- Fixed bug, the bad user agent registered (menu: admin -> bad user agent) was not displayed because the visitors???? table was never displayed.

- Structure function PageRank use curl if exist else file (, and timeout if Alexa or Google does not respond.

- Added a tag meta-refresh, for automatic update of the dashboard every 10 minutes

- On the server the iconv library is no longer needed from this this version.

- Update the crawlers and bad user agent tables online.

- Update detection OS, browsers and mobiles, iPad, Iphone, Ipod, Android, BlackBerry, Playstation, many, many ....

- User agent not recognized can be viewed in Admin-> Bad user agent-> Add.

- Number of rows displayed in the "Top visitors" table is adjustable in config_allmystats.php ($number_top_display)

- And many other improvements, corrections,...