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Website statistics

The installation is complete AllMyStats

NOTE: Unable to connect
If you can not sign (still on the login page)
In some hosting directory "sessions" is inside your web space must then set the path (path) for sessions
Edit the file application_top.php and add jute under <?Php
the following

session_save_path ( "/ path / to / directory / sessions");

With / path / to / directory / sessions given by your host
session_save_path ( "/ home / users / web / www / foo / sessions");

For sites Hosted at
We must create a directory "sessions" at the root of the site for the sessions.

Note: to test
1 - Do not count my visisites should not be activated
2 - If you have a firewall on your p.c.
ex: Sunbelt Personnal Firewall block $ _SERVER ['HTTP_REFERER'],
if "Deny servers to trace Navigation" is checked (default config).

Insert code to record visits.
The complete code with the path (path) calculated is available in the menu "Admin" from your statistics.

If you just installed AllMyStats
Login: admin
Mot de passe: allmystats

Access: address (URL) where you installed AllMyStats.

For security
- Delete the /instal / directory
- Do not forget to immediately change the login and password in the menu "Admin".