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Statistics for directories Arfooo

WARNING: The download file is for version 2.0.2 of Arfooo
If you have another version installed, you should check and adjust if necessary the code helping you FrontController.php file to download.

If the list of categories does not appear in the submission ( only for you if you chose not to count your visits):
Do not give a value to $Flag_Exclus_by_cookie in config_allmystats.php (ex: " Excluded from cookie" )
Same thing for $Flag_Exclus_by_IP if you're on one of these ip .
It is best to leave these variables blank.

1 - AllMyStats must be installed on your site :
Download AllMyStats

2 - Download file for consideration of visits
Download FrontController.php modified

3 - Edit the file and go to line 230 (Configuration for AllMyStats)
Specify the file path of visiteur.php AllMyStats (with / at the beginning)
$path_allmystats = '';
// Eg: $path_allmystats = '/allmystats/visiteur.php';
If you do not know , you can help PHP code available in the admin of your AllMyStats ( same thing but without the "require $ Racine_abs . " Before )

Only if your site has multiple directories Arfooo
$prefix = ''; // Specify a different prefix for each of your web directory Arfooo

4 - Replace the file /core/FrontController.php , your directory with the file Arfooo FrontController.php you have configured .

That's all

The pages will automatically be named in AllMyStats
For other functions same as the standard documentation

Audience statistics for directories Arfooo