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AllMyStats - Audience report

AllMyStats is a php script statistics free (GPL), Allmystats measure andanalyze traffic in real-time of a Web sites.
Keywords, search engines, pages visited, number of visits, Adwords refererer, bots.
You know everything that happens on your site.

  • Quick and easy installation with a program to guide you
  • Need PHP version 4 or 5 and a management system database MySQL 4 or 5.
  • For the visits are recorded simply insert a PHP code in each page of the site.
  • The program is simple and light
  • Because your visits are not a reflection objective analysis of your statistics, it is possible not to record visits by a given computer, for example, or your (and) by the IP that you set.
  • Access to the panel of statistics by login and password
  • Scoreboard
    Number of visitors outside bots (crawler)
    Number of page views outside bots (crawler)
  • The ability to make public all or part of your statistics for the month

Details of the visits outside robots

  • Chart visits per hour
  • Details of visited pages
  • Details of keywords and referrer and Sites (referer) network content Adwords
  • Opérating system used by visitors
  • Browsers used used by visitors
  • Geographical origin of visitors
  • Bad user agent
    List of "user agent" little recommended, such as extractors emails. You can take the necessary steps to prohibit such user agent with your file. Htaccess.
    Opportunities to define new "bad user agent" via the menu Admin.

Details of visits by crawler (bots)

  • List of robots that have visited the site
    Number of pages scanned for each robot (crawler)
    List of robots Unrecognized
    Opportunities to define new robots via the menu Admin
  • Chart visits bot / hour
  • What visited by robots
  • Geographical origin robots